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  • Big Data Intelligence Using Distributed Deep Neural Networks 预印本

    Ongati, Felix;Muchemi, Dr. Eng. Lawrence

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Cutting the Unnecessary Long Tail: Cost-Effective Big Data Clustering in the Cloud 预印本

    Li, Dongwei;Wang, Shuliang;Gao, Nan;He, Qiang;Yang, Yun

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Copy number motifs expose genome instability type and predict driver events and disease outcome in breast cancer 预印本

    Arne V Pladsen{"ORCID":"0000-0001-7765-6823","EMail":"arne.v.pladsen@gmail.com"}[1];Gro Nilsen[2];Oscar M Rueda[3];Miriam R Aure{"ORCID":"0000-0001-7739-4982"}[1];Ørnulf Borgan{"ORCID":"0000-0002-4687-1202"}[4];Knut Liestøl{"ORCID":"0000-0002-7929-582X"}[2];Valeria Vitelli{"ORCID":"0000-0002-6746-0453"}[5];Arnoldo Frigessi[5];Anita Langerød[1];OSBREAC[6];Anthony Mathelier{"ORCID":"0000-0001-5127-5459"}[7];Olav Engebråten[1];David Wedge{"ORCID":"0000-0002-7572-3196"}[8];Peter Van Loo{"ORCID":"0000-0003-0292-1949"}[9];Carlos Caldas[3];Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale[1];Hege G Russnes{"ORCID":"0000-0001-8724-1891"}[1];Ole Christian Lingjærde{"ORCID":"0000-0003-3565-4912","EMail":"ole@ifi.uio.no"}[1]

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Integrating genome-wide association and transcriptome predicted model identify novel target genes with osteoporosis 预印本

    Peng Yin{"EMail":"Peng.Yin@siat.ac.cn"}[1];Muchun Zhu[1];Fan Hu[1];Jiaxin Jiang[1];Li Yin[1];Shuqiang Wang[1];Yingxiang Li[2]

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • An Interesting Novel Insight into the [ Ocaml+Theorem Prover+AI/ML+Java+Prolog+BaseX-XML DB/ Mongo DB Systems+Imaging Mathematics-Linear Algebra ] to Probe Radiation Oncology Informatics +BIG DATA. 预印本

    Nirmal Tej Kumar

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Soundwaves Search Big Data 预印本

    George Rajna

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Local Decode and Update for Big Data Compression 预印本

    Vatedka, Shashank;Tchamkerten, Aslan

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Modeling Traffic Congestion with Spatiotemporal Big Data for An Intelligent Freeway Monitoring System 预印本

    Putra, Karisma Trinanda;Wang, Jing-Doo;Prasetyo, Eko;Prayitno

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Big Data Analytics for Large Scale Wireless Networks: Challenges and Opportunities 预印本

    Dai, Hong-Ning;Wong, Raymond Chi-Wing;Wang, Hao;Zheng, Zibin;Vasilakos, Athanasios V.

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:

  • Vector bionomics and vectorial capacity as emergent properties of mosquito behaviors and ecology 预印本

    Sean L. Wu{"ORCID":"0000-0002-5781-9493"}[1];Hector M. Sanchez C.{"ORCID":"0000-0001-7378-8853"}[1];John M. Henry{"ORCID":"0000-0001-8684-2003"}[2];Daniel T. Citron{"ORCID":"0000-0002-1282-4176"}[2];Qian Zhang{"ORCID":"0000-0001-7313-8594"}[2];Kelly Compton[2];Biyonka Liang{"ORCID":"0000-0002-5461-7829"}[1];Amit Verma{"ORCID":"0000-0002-9342-8350"}[3];Derek A.T. Cummings[4];Arnaud Le Menach[5];Thomas W. Scott{"ORCID":"0000-0003-2947-8123"}[6];Anne L. Wilson{"ORCID":"0000-0001-7387-353X"}[7];Steven W. Lindsay{"ORCID":"0000-0002-3461-9050"}[8];Catherine L. Moyes{"ORCID":"0000-0002-8028-4079"}[9];Penny A. Hancock{"ORCID":"0000-0001-5531-1082"}[9];Tanya L. Russell{"ORCID":"0000-0002-0920-6844"}[10];Thomas R. Burkot{"ORCID":"0000-0002-8994-6729"}[10];John M. Marshall{"ORCID":"0000-0003-0603-7341"}[1];Samson Kiware{"ORCID":"0000-0001-7252-520X"}[11];Robert C. Reiner{"ORCID":"0000-0003-1056-7919"}[2];David L. Smith{"ORCID":"0000-0003-4367-3849","EMail":"smitdave@uw.edu"}[2]

    , Volume , Issue , 2019, Pages - , Impact Factor:





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